The Ai revolution is transforming how we live, how we work and how we communicate and reLATE TO EACH OTHER and to the world.

Actionable Science is ready and at the forefront
of this exciting new era.

Actionable Science makes it easy for businesses to use Artificial Intelligence to grow and succeed in this latest wave of digital disruption. We are reimagining the fundamental relationships between people and machines to solve real-world problems for businesses.


Our vision is a world where intelligent, continually learning machines (we call Virtual People), work hand-in-hand with their human counterparts to form the perfect team. 

Virtual People easily influence the thousands of conversations they have
with your customers as they help them with a wide variety of tasks at a fraction of today’s cost.

Virtual People enable our enterprise customers to do more than was ever humanly possible and focus on what matters most – serving their customers, members and employees.

Virtual People can turn a decision-making process into an actionable conversation. And, they are continually able to learn more and more of the specifics of your business (leveraging our proprietary Robotic Process Automation, RPA) that our machine learning interfaces are based on. They can think, reason and communicate with human-like intelligence and they are even emotionally intelligent, and can sense emotions and needs and respond accordingly.

Unlike us mere humans, Virtual People never sleep and so they are always available to solve problems 24/7. There is no training needed, no manuals, no downloads, no down time, no learning curve and so no challenges with adoption. When your customers need help with something, they simply ask as they would in a natural conversation with any co-worker or service person because our Virtual People can understand and engage in human-like conversations.

Our 'human' Actionable Science team is comprised of industry leaders from Fortune 500 companies who came together to form a nimble, innovative, AI startup focused on delivering the advances that AI now makes possible to improve the customer and employee experience, while lowering costs for Enterprise businesses.

Our customers are surprised to learn that they can seamlessly scale and be up
and running with an AI powered Virtual Person in about 2 to 3 weeks!

This fast implementation is really possible because our solutions are based on pre-defined industry specific knowledge and our Virtual People already know most of what they need before implementation. Our Virtual People can scale up and down to handle customer demand. Because of the Actionable Science proprietary AI engine behind our machine learning, our Virtual People will continue to learn the specifics of individual businesses. With this, they are able to customize solutions with the depth of detailed industry knowledge that your customers are asking for but were never before possible at this cost.

Sound too good to be true? You’ll be surprised to learn how many companies
are jumping into the AI revolution and converting complex problems into
fast, simple and cost effective AI solutions with Actionable Science.


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