Not a Chatbot - A Virtual Person Platform with the ability to ENGAGE, THINK and ACT  


Our platform allows users to be engaged via via multi-platform chat and voice using  natural language processing. Actionable Science platform can publish the Virtual People to your internet or intranet site, Facebook Messenger, Skype, Microsoft Teams, Slack Kik, Telegram and other leading messaging apps.

Actionable Science platform also supports many languages including Spanish, Italian, French, Russian, Chinese etc.


Our Virtual People are designed to dialog and interact in a way that is natural and not robotic. We manage the back and forth with the user to have gather information and accomplish user tasks. This can be applied to lookup information, help with tasks, do tasks on their behalf or other activities. Virtual People can collect data in a secure way, handle authentication and authorization in a secure dialog.



Our Virtual People and underlying data platform has tools to ingest and manage a variety of data from both structured and unstructured data sources. Pre-built domain specific data models make it easy and fast to map and use the information. Our Hadoop based infrastructure can scale to handle even the most demanding of situations.

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Hosted and MANAGED

Hosted with Microsoft Azure our Virtual People are secure and available. The solutions scales with growth in your needs.



data visualization that you will love

Our Platform has inbuilt beautiful data visualization and reporting that allows users to have real time insight into what is working well and how to improve things further.

- Reporting that is based on structured and unstructured data.

- We also use analytics to improve the performance of the Virtual People themselves.

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Mobile Enabled

Our Platform is designed from ground up to be mobile enabled. You chose where and how you want to work - and it will be ready.